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How it works

The process is a very simple one really. Simply contact me with your thoughts and requirements and I will work alongside you to help you achieve the design your manuscript deserves. You may have a specific idea for your cover or simply wish me to do all the thinking. I will then produce 2-3 cover options for you to consider. Occasionally I hit the design on the head first time around, but the most common outcome is that the author likes a little from column 'A' and a little from column 'B'. I then combine to produce design 'C'.

With over 30 years experience in the print and design industry I will give your book a bespoke, creative and considered cover design that your months or years of work deserves. I will then supply files for you to upload to your Amazon KDP account or supply printed copies for family and friends.

If you feel your book requires editing or you require a more concerted sales push with trade distribution, I can help put you in touch with the relevant experts.

Due to the large gamut of requirements from each project, I quote on sight of a manuscript and any associated content, such as photographs to be scanned and added to the book and any diagrams that may need to be generated. Other extra cost would come in the form of any illustrations or photography that may need originating for the cover or interior pages.  


Sample interiors below. Roll over and click on the arrows.

- Countryside Pastimes

- Fishing

- Photography

- War Memoirs

- Crime

- History

- Food & Drink

- Biography

- Memoirs

- Business

- Fiction

- Non Fiction

- Children's Books

- Family Histories

- Poetry

- Science Fiction & Fantasy

Roshin and Shivon Sudesh  - 'Wolves Within'

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you have caught the essence of the book and transformed it into design… The cover is really beautiful – way beyond our expectations. We instantly fell in love with the typesetting – the font and settings are just gorgeous, especially the chapter beginnings.

Michael Naya

'War Medic Hero'

I have just this minute taken delivery of my book. It is amazing. A big thank you to you. I am very proud of the finished item. I am in tears. Wonderful work performed by you.

Kevin Adams

'The Time Project'

I must admit that a tear came to my eyes when I saw my books, they are perfect. I couldn’t have wished for better. Thank you for all you have done.

Rachel Vogeleisen 

'Women Who Served'

These designs are so nice! It will be hard to choose, I am ecstatic over the work you’ve done, it is a million times better than what I was trying to achieve!… I love the layout, it looks very professional and elegant, I love the font as well. I am very, very pleased with the work.

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