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Romaunce falls for 'historical romance' thriller and follow-up from debut author Angela Sims.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

1478: Gianetta and Matteo have a happy life, working in service to the wealthy Rosini family. They are used to entertaining rich and powerful members of Florentine society in Palazzo Rosini, where Lorenzo and Giuliano de’ Medici and Botticelli are regular visitors. Even when the Medici brothers narrowly

escape the Palazzo with their lives (an accident, surely?), Gianetta and Matteo can’t imagine that the growing unrest in the streets of Florence would ever spoil their happiness. When a bloody conspiracy erupts in the heart of Florence, in the city’s beloved Duomo, nobody is left unaffected by the aftermath. When the family

hear that Matteo is among the conspirators, Gianetta knows that her life will never be the same

Published by Romaunce Books with cover designs by Ray Lipscombe - their iconic collection includes romantic books of all genres, historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, erotic romance, compelling and uplifting

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