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Heal Your Body and Mind with Yin Yoga

Published by Quadrant Books, this simple well-designed guidebook in English is a detailed handbook to practicing Yin Yoga techniques with ease. Access to its benefits is provided by many comprehensive Yin Yoga illustrations, diagrams and additional interactive online exercise sessions via our YouTube channel which can be easily accessed by QR codes through your mobile phone.

About Miranda Kumar

Miranda Mattig Kumar, best-selling author and Yin Yoga fitness expert, has been writing about Yin Yoga and teaching Yoga techniques for over 14 years from her base in Geneva. She started training as a yoga professional at age 22. She enrolled in a Hatha Yoga training centre in Galicia and obtained her first yoga diploma there. She is the founder of the Swiss Pilates & Yoga Institute and has developed her own techniques to prevent and cure ailments and pathologies. Miranda teaches internationally. Her books have been translated into 6 languages. Explore more at her website

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