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Romaunce Books release a fresh new look for author Rhona Martin.

The team at Romaunce Books have released a refresh of 2 books by the esteemed author Rhona Martin. Gallows Wedding is a strange, haunting story of two ill-starred lovers, set against the backdrop of the religious upheaval of Henry VIII's time. Hazel, a peasant girl marked by the witches' brand and a dangerous beauty, loves Black John, an outlaw and aristocrat, whom she rescues from the gallows. Together they struggle to survive a world in which brutal death awaits at every corner, and stumble along a fateful cllision towards a harrowing climax. Winner of the First Georgette Heyer Historical Novel Prize founded in memory of Georgette Heyer by Bodley Head and Corgi Books. Rhona Martin's remarkable first novel won the award in 1977, its first year, in competition with 150 entries.

Unicorn Summer tells the tale of Joanna Pengerran who fled Buxford as a child to escape her murderous stepfather, she took refuge among the tinkers. The proud and wilful scion of a great family, she grows up with only one ambition: vengeance on the man who usurped her father. To this end, she carves a niche for herself in the Elizabethan underworld. Across her path blunders Angel, a fugitive from prejudice and superstition. It is a meeting destined to disrupt both their lives, to change them in ways they could never have foreseen.

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