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Romaunce signs Khalil Nouri, descendent of Afghan royalty's first foray into historic fiction

Romaunce Books has scooped a historical novel by author Khalil Nouri 'Rattling the Jewel in The Crown' about the despotic Amir Abdul Rahman Khan, nicknamed ‘The Iron Amir’ who had united Afghanistan through a reign of terror, espionage, and retribution

Khalil Nouri, descendent of Afghan royalty's first foray into historic fiction

Khalil Nouri is a descendant of the Afghan royal family and his knowledge of the intimate details of the lives and events of the era has led to his first historical novel ‘Rattling the Jewel in the Crown’.

He accurately portrays such characters as the despotic ruler, Amir Abdul-Rahaman Khan, his English doctor, Lillias Hamilton. Frank Martin, a British engineer employed by the Amir to run his engineering factory, a Welshman, Thomas Clemence, who worked as a vet in the Amir’s military stables.

Then there is Olivia Worth, the granddaughter of the acclaimed couturier, Charles Worth, who, with family members of the British residents, crossed the Khyber Pass under the armed protection of the Amir. She arrived at the right time to employ the skills learned under Worth’s tutorage, to create uniforms suitable for Prince Nasrullah and three of the members of his copious entourage to wear at the British Royal Court.

Prince Nasrullah is one of the most complex and irrational characters in the book, and quite the worst candidate for the role handed to him - the result was, predictably, mayhem.

History records a certain international intrigue instigated by the Munshi, Abdul Karim Khan, Victoria’s Indian servant and confident before Prince Nasrullah’s journey began. Munshi aimed to tilt the outcome in Nasrullah’s favour, recognizing that independence for Afghanistan would not only be a victory for the Islamic world but would possibly create an opening of the way for India to follow suit.

Publisher Antonia Tingle acquired English speaking rights, initially on a single-book deal which will be published in early 2023.

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