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Romaunce lands ‘WW2 historical romance' by acclaimed author Jill Barry.

Love at War. Cover Design by Ray Lipscombe
Cover Design by Ray Lipscombe

Romaunce Books has scooped a 'WW2 historical romance' thriller by author Jill Barry, ‘Love at War’. It begins halfway through World War Two when Anna Christensen has almost completed her business training. The daughter of a handsome Norwegian seafarer and his beautiful wife, Anna’s looks attract much attention especially from two army officers. Charismatic Captain Charles Milburn and his aide, 2nd Lieutenant Geoffrey Chandler are both attracted to the depot’s new shorthand-typist, but it is Charles, although engaged to be married, who Anna finds irresistible.

The seaside town of Barry avoids the ruthless bombing affecting South Wales’s cities and Charles revels in his comparatively ‘cushy’ number. Out of office hours, he’s playing tennis, pursuing lady friends and arranging a morale-boosting dance. After he is injured in a nightclub bombing, Anna and Geoffrey become closer, yet after Charles recovers, he makes a move on Anna.

About Jill Barry

"Jill Barry’s previous successes include a full-length erotic romance novel, 'Orchid Pink', which topped Amazon charts under the author’s name Toni Sands. Jill also writes for the Pocket Novel market and has sixteen short novels published by The People’s Friend. Jill has also been multi-published by Lume Books. She would like nothing better than to write a sequel to 'Love at War', continuing the theme of independent women. Jill is a Reader for the Romantic Novelists’ Association, a creative writing tutor both online and ‘in the real world’ and enjoys meeting fellow authors in Cardiff and being invited to chat on local radio, whenever she has the chance".

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